Late Deal Holidays Grab Those Last Minute Deals


What Are Late Deal Holidays?

Before I spend too much time telling you how to find late deal holidays, I thought it would be a good idea to explain exactly what a late deal holiday is, and why travel agents offer them.

In an ideal world (for the travel agents at least), holidays would be offered early in the year, people would make up their minds where they wanted to go and when, book the holiday and never change their minds. Unforeseen circumstances would never arise, and the travel agents would be able to organise the exact number of places they needed in advance.

Thankfully for us, life is never that routine and boring, and travel agents often find themselves coping with unforeseen circumstances. One of these is where they find themselves with unbooked flights and hotels, and need to find people who want a last minute holiday. In order to ensure that the places are filled, they are often sold off cheap, and that’s where the late deal holidays arise.

So why does it happen? Well, there are a few reasons, including:

Unsold seats. Sometimes a tour operator will book more seats than they can sell. This can be bad planning, it can be due to a competitor getting a better deal, and so more business, or it can be due to external circumstances, such as political unrest in a foreign country that discourages people from travelling, a poor economy at home that makes people look for domestic holidays, or many other reasons. Whatever the cause, the end result is unsold seats as the travel date approaches.

Cancellations. As I said, in an ideal world, once people had made up their minds where they are going, and booked the holiday, there would never be any change. In practice things do change though, and people are forced to cancel a holiday. When this happens, they usually lose a percentage of the cost of the holiday, which allows the travel agent to sell the holiday to someone else at a discounted price.

Due to the pressure of fitting a large number of flights into a busy airport schedule, many flight operators offer flights that leave or arrive at antisocial hours, which are not popular with many people. In order to encourage them to book these flights, they offer them at lower rates than flights during the day.

Similarly, it is cheaper for the flight operator to book an aeroplane into or out of a smaller or off-the-beaten-track airport, as they don’t charge as much as the larger airports. Again, in order to encourage people to book these flights, they are offered at very cheap prices.

Occasionally, a travel company will buy bulk holidays from another company that went bust or changed business direction. Whilst this doesn’t happen too often, it can be a good source of cheap late deal holidays.

Whatever the cause of the late holiday deals, the one who benefits is you, as you get to pick up a great last minute holiday for far less than it would cost if you had booked earlier.

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